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Mobile Games Development @flaimos

We are a Mobile Game Developer with a passion for creating engaging, enjoyable and user-friendly mobile games. Constantly embracing new concepts and ideas, experimenting with various genres and focusing on innovation, we develop, build and publish addictive mobile games.

Plus, with our focus on engaging storylines and complex characters, our games not only provide a source of fun but also connect with you on an emotional level. We all love a good story which is why all our games are sure to include one.

|Why Mobile Games Need Reinventing

“I want to play games like I used to do in my childhood when monetizing wasn’t the motivation for developers and ads weren’t included. Nowadays it’s nearly impossible to play games on your phone without getting a lot of ads along with it. That’s what I don’t like in mobile games, the focus is totally wrong. I want to make games that I play myself.”


|The Mechanics

A Personal Touch

As the old age saying suggests, we believe wholeheartedly that quality is far more important than quantity. That’s why our own company is made up of a small and close-knit team. This ensures we understand one another and work as a cohesive and collective group.

By keeping things local, we easily and effectively embrace one another’s strengths so that we can efficiently create the highest-quality games possible. This allows us to develop games founded on interactive storylines, stimulating challenges and innovative content. It’s also why we always remain responsive, quick and proactive when it comes to listening to the needs and wants of our customers.

Constantly seeking out new and exciting approaches to the formulation and creation of our mobile games in 2019 is a driving force behind our company. We believe in keeping things fresh. We have an open-mind and focus on innovation, development and growth to ensure our new games are constantly and consistently engaging.

We don’t just talk about the importance of forward-thinking, we incorporate these ideas into our games to ensure they are endlessly exciting, offer an array of challenges and grab your attention. In doing so, you can rest assured you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to addictive mobile phone games.


Story Based

At the heart of Flaimos’s values is the prioritization of strong and meaningful storylines. Without an engaging story, a game becomes far less engaging, interesting and interactive. That’s why we only produce games with an underlying story that matters because ensuring both your engagement and enjoyment throughout the game are equally as important.

Ensuring we create simple, intuitive and user-friendly games is fundamental. Our Mobile Game Development Team creates and publishes games that can be used whether you’re new to the gaming world or a long time player.

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